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The Boss in Black

The Boss

Have Fun on the 20" Folding Fat-Tire

The Cruiser in Black

The Cruiser

Ride in Comfort on the 26" Fat-Tire

At Bosko -We Are Good People

Doing Great Things

Giving Back to Community

At the core of Bosko Bikes is a commitment to do "good". We give back to community organizations to better the communities where we live, work, and play!

100% Carbon Neutral

Bosko Bikes strives to reduce our carbon footprint. And for what we can't, we offset. Learn about our Carbon-Neutral Footprint. ... We feel that is the spirit of ebiking!

Biking Education

Bosko Bikes believes education improves our knowledge of biking, safety, and ways to better enjoy our ride together in life!

full body workouts that leave you energized

go beyond your limits

The Boss Folding Bike

Discover the eBike Experience
Get on.. Put On a Smile...
And Come Along for the Ride!

Bosko Bikes

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How It Works


You Select and Order Your Bosko Bike.


Bosko Bikes assembles your new bike, completes a final tuning, and charges the battery.


Bosko Bike’s exclusive “Bike Not Box” Delivery – Your new eBike is delivered fully assembled to your place of choice

Common Questions

Quick Answers

2020 UPDATE: Currently because of COVID19, Bosko Bikes is unable to conduct community-wide Bosko Bike Demo Days.

Yes – look for one of our planned Bosko Bike Demo Days.  We call them – “Bike Spins”, which gives you a chance to test ride various Bosko Bikes 

The Bosko ExclusiveBike Not Box” Delivery service means exactly that – we personally deliver your completely assembled new eBike to your place of choice. You receive a bike that you can just put on a smile and take a spin! (Although we recommend putting on a helmet first!)

While we are delivering your bike, we can easily answer your questions and concerns.  Right away.  Try asking your friendly UPS delivery person for answers!

We do not generally ship our bikes.  This DOES mean that we generally only do local delivery. The Bosko-exclusive “Bike Not Box” Delivery allows us to deliver your eBike and say “Thank You” in person!

By the way – if it means selling fewer eBikes … that’s OK!  But here are a few reasons why:

  1. There is nothing easier!
    Bosko Bike’s exclusive “Bike Not Box” delivery service allows us to ensure your bike arrives safely, and fully assembled, ready to roll.  You can just get on and ride!

  2. Improves Your Experience!
    During the delivery, the bike’s safe operation will be explained to you. If you have any, we can address your questions and concerns immediately!

  3. Best Way to Ensure Your Bosko Bike Arrives Safely and Properly Assembled!
    EBikes have a powerful battery and a large rechargeable battery, they are heavier than traditional bicycles. In addition, they need a large heavy box to properly protect the bike.  This makes shipping expensive and excessive to do it properly.

After purchase, you will receive several emails.  Once your bike is ready for delivery, you will receive an email to schedule your bike delivery.  

Contact us to explore your options.