Education Makes Biking Safer

Bosko Bikes wants you to be safe. Unfortunately, many things we might think are safe or make us feel more comfortable in traffic while biking actually is not the safest way to go.  It is better and safer for all of us to better understand safe riding strategies.

To help, Bosko recommends taking a simple and inexpensive video-based safe biking course.

We suggest the CyclingSavvy Basics course presented by the American Bicycling Education Association.  They show you how crashes happen, and how to maximize your safety with a handful of smart strategies that virtually eliminate those conflicts.  It includes reading traffic patterns, strategic lane positioning, and communicating with motorists and pedestrians — all learnable skills that they teach you in their course.

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Access CyclingSavvy Courses Here

The CyclingSavvy Basics Course ($17.50)  is an excellent way to learn the basics.  

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